GET’s Objectives and Goals:-


  • To mobilize women’s group and build their capacity, to act as community change agents in community development processes.
  • To enhance the level of understanding and to correct the behavioral practices among women & children living in slums, towards good hygiene practices which involves both personal as well as
    community hygiene.
  • To ensure environmental sustainability and to protect environment through strengthening the consciousness & knowledge of people towards saving the environment.

  • To understand community development program & to develop capacity of community people.

  • To enrich the knowledge and enhance the employability skills of needy & unemployed youth and help them to find suitable employment opportunities.

  • To provide the essential methods for the development of women and children, by giving them access to existing public services, and giving them the means to exercise their rights.

  • To encourage innovation and modernization through the implementation of its programs, GET provides support to vulnerable groups to facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social needs.

  • To initiate pioneering programs that can serve as an example and a model in various areas of human development..

  • To promote gender equity and social justice.